What is this all about?

Through my study of religion I’ve come across some pretty cool combinations of religions and music genres. When people think of religious music they think of hymns, chants, and choral music – maybe they’re aware of Christian rock, but it doesn’t go much further. We’ve still got a medieval notion that religion and pop culture shouldn’t mix, that religious things are sacred, set apart, and should not be touched by secular and modern things. This is a shame, because it makes us blind when they do fuse together; and don’t be fooled, they do, all the time. Especially as our world gets more and more interconnected, they are beginning to combine in some really fascinating ways. Rad Religion is a place to explore some of those fascinating mix-ups.

And what exactly is it?

Rad Religion was a radio segment on 2SER‘s Thursday Daily show, hosted by Steph Liong. It’s wrapped up now, but you should still listen to 2SER 107.3 FM!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting website on popmusic and worldreligions.
    there is so much of religious popmusic that I choose the bible for my website.
    http://www.muziekbijbel.nl is a collection of bible related songs by influential secular artists.
    Interesting for you and your followers I guess.

    greetings from Holland

    Wilbrand Rakhorst (religionteacher)

  2. Hello…im contacting on behalf of The Roving Sikhs…u once played our song on our station nd v r very happy 2 learn dat…if u still cant recogonise.us…v r a sikh rock band frm india…v r releasing a new song of ours nd if u wish i cud send it 2 u so u can play it on ur station….so if u plz..give me an email on wichni can send u d song…shall.b highly obliged

    • Hey, thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately I’m no longer involved with the station so won’t be able to play your song! Rad Religion was a segment on 2SER community radio (www.2ser.com). All the best with the music!

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